Ready to Listen was the first round of public input for the Ridgeville Ready master planning process. To everyone who participated, thank you so much for your ideas! Your input will be used to shape the new master plan.

Three in-person and two virtual workshops, along with online activities, were available from February 28 through March 13, 2023. The workshop format included an overview of the planning process, a Did You Know? live game that tested participant’s knowledge about the existing trends in the community and two activities designed to collect ideas about the future of North Ridgeville. For those unable to attend a workshop, identical activities were available here on the project website.

The first activity asked participants to answer the questions, “What are the greatest opportunities in North Ridgeville?”.  The second was a mapping exercise that allowed participants to identify the city’s assets and opportunities on a map and explain why the areas were selected. The workshops garnered over 800 pieces of input, which will be used to help inform the master plan recommendations.

To view responses from the mapping exercise, click the button below.

View the Assets and Opportunities Map
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